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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

We now return you...

to the regularly scheduled blogging.

That's right, I believe I'm back on track to start offending the blogosphere gods by tieing up yet unused electrons into the juvenile drivel that is Wasted Electrons.

First, the good news- the spouse has returned to the household and is no longer under the control of the (actually) very nice people at the hospital! She finally came home yesterday and she is glad of it. Everyone else is to for that matter, but especially me. No more nearly daily 90 mile trips to visit her for an hour or two and not much more worrying about how her day is going.

The ECT really did shake her thoughts loose on a couple occasions and that's what caused her to remain in the hospital through the weekend. But each day she is less confused and more able to start thinking with some vigor so she should be back up to snuff in a couple more days. There's still trips to see her therapist planned regularly but Sandy's a good one and worth the trip so that's no problem at all.

One more class and a test on Thursday evening and I'll have completed this term with a week off before the next one starts. And I'll only be taking one class this term so that I'm more available to the BSU and her needs.

The bad news is that blogging from the job has become more difficult, too many deadlines to meet and too many people looking over my shoulder to see what I'm looking at on the internet... Not to mention the extremely tight filtering that the network bozos have inflicted upon us poor web junkies. That makes it impossible for me to just read about half the blogs on my very short blog list! How's a guy to keep up anyway?

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